The UK has a thriving indie scene, and at PLAY Expo Manchester we're going to give it a little love. Here is a sneak peek at the indie devs that will be in the spotlight:

Flump Studios -
Horizon Shift '81:


Horizon Shift '81 is an explosive wave based single screen shooter (shmups) with a real Retro feel to it. The player controls a ship in the centre of the screen, enemies approach from the top and bottom and the player is able to switch up and down to deal with the encroaching hoard.


Gareth Williams - 


Jarheads is a fast-paced tactical shooter with fully-destructible environments. Complete the varied objectives methodically, or just blast your way through! Made for fans of Cannon Fodder, the game comprises of a 50 mission single-player (or two-player online co-op) campaign and a separate online multiplayer experience for up to 8 players with a variety of game modes including Deathmatch and Capture the Flag.


Suspension Studios - 
Penguin Peril:


Penguin Peril is an 'endless runner'game free on both iOS and Android where you play as Skee the penguin. Tilt your device from side to side to turn and control Skee. Avoid any trees and rocks in your way and collect as many snowflakes as you can to customize and dress up Skee. The snowmen add exciting elements to the game when you collect them, anything from rock slides to invincibility, they aren't always in your favour so make sure you're ready when you grab one! See if you can reach the cabin where you can take a short break and continue from your current score. 



Welcome to Shinkō, the origin of life, spirits and magic on Omia, a world of peace and balance. Nothing lasts forever though, you must restore the order of nature which the spirits left in disarray when they went to rest. You were created by the remaining spirits to help them and bring peace to the world. In this game, you will travel in a large open world, complete quests, scavenge, survive, build, fight and solve puzzles to progress through the world. Shinkō is currently in its early stages of development.


RetroBurn Games - 


Positron is a fast paced arcade racing game inspired by the classic arcade games of the 80's. Battle against opponents in the Arena, navigate your way out of of the Maze, and collect power-ups while avoiding your own trail in Snake. This modern update to these well known arcade classics combines bright 3D neon visuals, enhanced effects, and super smooth gameplay while enforcing the core game mechanics seen in those original games.


miniBeast Game Studios - 
Must Dash Amigos:

desertTNT 3

Must Dash Amigos is a vibrant top down battle racer filled with Avocados and Piñata Stampedes!
It's a humorous, family friendly, pick-up-and-play couch multiplayer game for up to 4 players. Challenge your amigos to a Race or a Battle. Use wacky and wild weapons to claim victory. Navigate hazardous environments and dodge dastardly stampedes.
Remember, to survive the mayhem; you Must Dash Amigos!​


The Game Production Company - 
Adventure In Aellion:


Adventure into the world of Aellion either alone or with friends.
Journey across the land taking on quests, find hidden treasures and discover a long forgotten mystery to save the world!


Computers Are Free For Everyone -
CodeMe Creator:

CodeMe Poster

Be part of creating the world’s largest computer game! CodeMe Creator allows children of all ages to design and publish their own platform game levels. Every level made becomes the next level of the game and is immediately available for the world to play. With no login or personal details required, CodeMe Creator is safe and protects children’s privacy. The game itself has been created in collaboration with UK students at a special needs school alongside students from rural Bangladesh with the goal of ensuring it is suitable and accessible for children of all abilities. Build a level and you might even become part of a world record. We plan to use the game to beat the ‘Longest Video Game Marathon’ record, which currently stands at 138 hours and 34 seconds!


AnnieTheDroid - 


Succession was a successful KickStarter project by two Sheffield schoolgirls to create a game about the Kings and Queens of England. The finished game is a free to play Android app with an educational purpose. Challenge yourself to put pixelated monarchs in the correct order and then bump them off in a historically accurate way. Can you put all 40 kings and queens from William the Conqueror to Queen Victoria in the correct order in the Big Ben Challenge?”


Priestley College -
Shroomio's Adventure:


Shroomio’s Adventure has been created by Slime Mouse Games, a student based Game Development Team from Priestley College Warrington. Shroomio's Adventure a fantasy game, located in a forest that thrives with tiny mushroom creatures, living in a quaint village made of scrap, have been threatened by an invasion of robots. Journey through an immersive environment with a charming art style, as you embark on a quest to save their town and protect the forest for good.


Prospect Games - 
ZEROCAR: Future Motorsport:


ZEROCAR: Future Motorsport is a near-future super high speed time-attack racer. Push your reflexes to the limit in extremely powerful electric hypercars and experience the ultimate sensation of speed!

Robot Champions:


Robot Champions is an explosive, fast and fun robot fighting game. Choose your machine, battle your buddies and become Robot Champions!


R8 Games - 


Pacer is a futuristic anti-gravity combat racing game coming to PC (Steam), Xbox and PS4 this year.


Massive Range Of Spectrum Next Titles - 


Paradise Games are proud to announce we are working on a new project! Collaborating with 'Dominion Games', we are creating a game for the new ZX Spectrum Next computer, titled 'ABDUCTOR'.

Angry Bloaters:

AB 5

Help Old John through his nightmares, where his evil bloaters materialise and hunt him down! Paying a homage to a favorite game of my youth, Eric and the Floaters by Hudson Soft. This was the predecessor of bomberman, as Hudson Soft was absorbed by Konami. Angry Bloaters is an amalgam of both games.

Baggers In Space:


After exploring the galaxy and looking for valuable minerals, Baggers is ready to make his way home. Typically, his return turns out not to be a simple return flight. After hitting a nasty piece of space debris, Baggers finds himself stranded on an alien planet with both a broken spaceship and no fuel. Can you help him find a way to leave the planet and continue his journey home? He would really like to be home in time for tea…

Dreamworld Pogie:


Race through 15 sugar-coated levels of arcade action with everyone’s lovable pet fluffle – Pogie! It won’t be easy as enemies lie in wait, but Pogie has special powers when he swallows a fizzlola..

The Guild of Thieves:

guild 1

Why buy this game when you can steal it? Except you can't. Not yet. An amateur like you? Come off it! Now, if you were a fully paid-up member of the notorious Guild of Thieves, things would be different.
Mind you, it's not easy. You might find yourself ditched on a remote jetty by the Guildmaster. You might find that the Guild expects you to ransack a well guarded mansion. To go grave-robbing. Potholing. Or maybe - if they're really doubtful of your abilities - everything at once!
This is a conversion of Magnetic Scrolls' illustrated text adventure The Guild of Thieves for ZX Spectrum Next.

Halls Of The Things:

Trapped at the entrance of a gargantuan eight storey tower, your one hope of escape is to find the key which operates the outer drawbridge - the only means of crossing the acid filled moat! Armed with your bow, a quiver of arrows, vorpal sword and magic elixir it is time to step across the energy barrier and enter a new dimension of fantasy!

The Hollow Earth Hypothesis:


The Hollow Earth Hypothesis was an idea based on games like Terramex,.flip screen platform games with an element of exploration and having to figure out what to do with objects in order to progress. It has been developed for 18 months and it has recently been revamped with new graphics by industry legend Simon Butler! The game code has been updated in order to use new features of the Next core such as tilemaps. The story is a loose mix of Journey to the center of the Earth meets Shambala meets Cthulu Mythos, with the professor trying to recover a secret map that leads to the inner Earth in a deserted island off the coast of New England. It requires patience, strategic thinking as well as quick reflexes and a thorough mapping of the game’s levels, and will offer quite a challenge to complete even for seasoned players.

Ice World:


Ice World is an upcoming two part science fiction action adventure game from indie developer 9bitcolor. Set in the year 2237, a team is sent to Pluto to investigate a mysterious energy force.


jinxter 3

Every silver lining has a cloud... Just when you think your luck is running out, things start getting even worse. You get run over by a bus. Sprayed with cheese sandwich by a supernatural being. Smashed against a tunnel by a speeding train. Fall from two thousand feet into an artificial waterfall. You get drunk, drowned and cursed, incinerated, widdled on, folded, bent, spindled, mutilated and generally mucked about with.
And in return? In return you get the leading role in a perplexing, hilarious race against time and chance, set in a jinxed land menaced by the impending death of good fortune. Who are we talking about? You guessed it. Look on the bright side. It could be your luckiest move yet.
This is a conversion of Magnetic Scrolls' illustrated text adventure Jinxter for the ZX Spectrum Next.

Melkhior's Mansion:

Melkhiors Mansion A3 Poster

In 1983, Ultimate Play The Game unleashed the classic game Atic Atac on the ZX Spectrum. Fast forwards 36 years and Richard Jordan has turned his coding talent towards an homage to this staple of gameness. With approval from Rare Ltd (their only stipulations were that the title was changed sufficiently so as not to cause confusion, and that it could not make any profit), Melkhior's Mansion is rising up from the basement in glorious colour and isometric 3D!

Monkey Mcgee:


Forced to crash land on an uncharted world, Monkey McGee finds his cargo of bananas stolen by the strange and hostile inhabitants and his engine in pieces. Monkey McGee is a tip of the hat to every 8-bit platformer that ever was. A vast map filled with every trick in the platforming book; perilous rope jumps over spiky pits, collapsing platforms, conveyors, cannons, lasers and more.



You play a nanorobot injected into sick humans fighting atherosclerosis! Nextoid! was the first game produced for the Next which used specific Next features. A free digital only release bundled with the Spectrum Next TBBlue distribution on February 2018. A simple Breakout/Arkanoid clone which is colourful and smooth.

The Pawn:

pawn 3

You wake up in a strange place... Trapped - destiny of good or evil? Set in the mythical world of Kerovnia, this amusing and complex tale is subtle enough to appeal to the beginner and hardened adventurer alike.
This is a conversion of Magnetic Scrolls' illustrated text adventure The Pawn for the ZX Spectrum Next.



Take control of your jet and guide it across the hostile terrain. Armed with forward firing missiles and bombs, you must avoid colliding with the terrain and other enemies whilst maintaining your limited fuel supply.
There are six levels in total, each with its own unique style and challenges. There is no break between each level, the battle is relentless. Points are awarding for simply staying alive and for destroying the enemy installations.

SpecTron 2084:


In the year 2084, robots have turned against humans in a cybernetic revolt. You must defeat seemingly endless waves of robots, rescue surviving humans, and earn as many points as possible.
Based on the original Robotron: 2084 arcade game released in 1982, Spectron: 2084 recreates the intense action on your Spectrum Next!

Super Crate Box:

Super Crate Box

Originally created by Vlambeer in 2010 in Game Maker 7, Super Crate Box has appeared on desktops, phones, tablets, consoles and even retro machines such as the C64 and Spectrum.
The game itself has a simple premise - pick up boxes to score. This is easier said than done. Each box has a different weapon, some great, some not so great. But if you want to score high, you need to take the good with the bad! Pick up crates, earn new weapons, unlock new characters and levels.



It has been 476 years since the last Warhawk defeated Zoch's ministers of evil... In the year 6066, the forgotten planet Vile has been mined by the minions of the awakened Zoch in order to rebuild his evil empire once more! Nothing stands in the way of this universal threat but one pilot and his mighty Warhawk. Defend the universe through 20 levels filled with the brutal and most deadliest armada of abominable crafts, advanced cities and unholy bosses and mini bosses.


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