PLAY Expo Manchester 2019 will feature a Cosplay Masquerade with a cash prize!
Saturday's Masquerade winner will receive a £200 cash prize, second place will receive £50, and there will also be awards for and  that will receive tickets to another of our events.
Sunday's casual community competition has a selection of prizes to be won. to be won both days for our younger contestants!
There will also be Junior Certificates to be won both days for our younger contestants!

Pre-sign up online at to guarantee your spot, or sign up on the day before 1pm at the Cosplay Desk. Enjoy up to 2 minutes on stage posing in character or performing a rehearsed routine and have a great time!

You can find out more about our judges below - 

ALPHABETY Cosplay - 


Hi, I'm ALPHABETY Cosplay, I've been cosplaying for around 4-5 years? My memory is terrible, I started off with casual and goofy cosplays from cartoons I loved and evolved into crafting my own costumes and props with foam being my favourite material to work with as it makes it super easy to build armours from my favourite games like Skyrim and Fallout!
You can find him over on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Corvidae Cosplay Emporium - 


Olivia-Tegan ‘Libby’ Bond is a North West based cosplayer, and co-owner of Corvidae Cosplay Emporium. Graduating from university with a degree in costume, she has worked promoting games in cosplay, made a variety of costumes for herself and an array of clients as well as winning cosplay competitions such as the Cosplay Finals at London Film and Comic Con 2018.  
You can find her over on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Cognitive Merchant - 

cog merch

The Cognitive merchant makes high end leather table top gaming accessories. As well as LARP and cosplay costumes.
You can find them over on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

In addition to judging our Cosplay Masquerade, all of our fantastic judges will have their own stands where you can go and have a chat, buy pictures, get autographs, and talk to them about all things cosplay!



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