We'll be hosting yet another tournament at PLAY Expo Manchester: RetroCollect's Retro Challenge!

10 TV's of cruel retrogaming concoctions with bragging rights on the line!

  • Sonic The Hedgehog Boss Rush Challenge - Beat all six Robotnik battles without a single ring
  • Alex Kidd In Miracle World 2 High Score Challenge - Get the best possible score on this unofficial Master System sequel made by Ian Wall (@ian8bit) from Sega8bit
  • Donkey Kong Jungle Rumble High Score Challenge - Storm through as many levels as possible, collecting every banana in sight before the time runs out
  • Nintendo World Championships 2018 - The famous NWC Competition Cartridge comes to Play Expo - well, an unofficial one at that. Three games, five minutes!
  • TOCA Touring Cars 2 - The Ultimate Fastest Lap Challenge
  • Moto GP 3 - Slippery Track Lap Challenge
  • Ridge Racer Dance Mat 
  • Super Mario Bros U-Force
  • Sonic The Hedgehog Sega Activator

Just head over to the RetroCollect stand in the tournament zone to sign up.


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