We've only gone and confirmed more indie studios! The titles below and those we previously confirmed bring our total to 35 independently produced games at PLAY Expo Manchester, our biggest to date!


Employee of The Month - Team Cup Of Char

Employee Of The Month

Employee of The Month is a multiplayer party game that features four cute playable characters in a fast-paced game full of competitive and fun challenges, where you can beat your opponents without fighting.


Filling Station - Nurishment/Team Cooper

Filling Station 

2 great things happened in 1981. Mario was born (initially as Mr Jump in Donkey Kong!) and Nurishment was launched. For 36 years Nurishment has been the vitamin-enriched fuel of choice for many gamers and to celebrate we’ve commissioned independent (and BAFTA-nominated) developer Team Cooper from Sheffield to create The Filling Station – a classic and highly addictive endless runner game packed full of points-earning vitamins and score-wrecking retro obstacles. Get on (and stay on) the leaderboard to earn an entry into the draw to win a SNES Classic Edition. Just search “Nurishment” in your App Store or visit www.nurishment.co.uk to get collecting those vitamins!


Fragmental - Ruffian Games


Fragmental is an intense competitive and co-operative, couch-play multiplayer twin-stick shooter with some of the fastest and most frantic gameplay around. It’s a single screen, explosive arcade blast of fun where the weapons and arenas are deadly and the rivalry is fierce.


MaoMao Castle - Asobi.Tech

MaoMao Castle 

Help MaoMao the Cat-Dragon make it back to his castle, avoid obstacles, collect rainbows, and rack up points. Speed dash to crash through trees, pillars, and moai, as you fly around trying not to lose one of your 9 lives. Perform deft manoeuvres by gliding your finger across the glass of your mobile device, or waving your hand over the LEAP Motion Controller.


Mechanic Panic - University of Northampton

Mechanic Panic

Mechanic panic is a fun indie couch co-op designed for all ages. Working as a team of one to four players, you and your robot pals must race against the clock to repair, replace parts, paint the bodywork and fill'er up and ready to go. fix up and cash out as many cars as possible to earn cash for upgrades, unlocks and progression.


Polybius - Llamasoft


Polybius is a fast trance shooter. It's designed to efficiently sweep you up into "the zone", where you settle into the gameplay and are cuddled up, surrounded by light and sound, experiencing a pleasing flow state that some users have likened to a session of meditation.


RADTv - Ruffian Games


RAD TV is a quick fire, Hot-Seat Multiplayer VR Party game that takes full advantage of VR’s immersive and intuitive interactivity.


Raging Justice - MakinGames

Raging Justice

Raging Justice is a modern take on the 2D scrolling brawler that pulls the classic genre kicking and screaming into the 21st century.


Sigma Theory - Mi-Clos Studio

Sigma Theory

Sigma Theory is a single-player near-future espionage strategy game that takes place during a new cold war. You will play as the head of your nation’s Sigma Division, racing other countries in a Manhattan Project-style competition to exploit a radical new scientific breakthrough.


SMASH TANKS! - Dumpling Co. Ltd

Smash Tanks

Battle friends & family in AR. Let’s SMASH TANKS!


Sociable Soccer - Tower Studios

Sociable Soccer

SOCIABLE SOCCER is a fast paced, football action game from the designer of 'Sensible Soccer'; Easy to play & hard to master, play online & offline, alone or with friends; Features over 1,000 international teams; ‘This is no ordinary football video game’.


TANGLEWOOD - Big Evil Corporation


TANGLEWOOD® is a brand new and original game for the SEGA Mega Drive and Genesis, to be released on cartridge following our very successful Kickstarter campaign. A true 16-bit, nostalgic platforming experience running on genuine SEGA hardware, that will make fans of SEGA's golden era feel warm and fuzzy.


Tempest 4000 - Llamasoft

Tempest 4000

In Tempest 4000, players are once again in control of the Claw, a powerful spacecraft equipped to destroy deadly creatures and other obstructions with rapid-fire shots on vibrant geometric prisms. With three game modes to choose from and 100 levels to conquer, players must eliminate all enemies as quickly as possible to survive and achieve that coveted spot at the top of the leaderboards.


The Otterman Empire - Tri-Heart Interactive

The Otterman Empire

The Otterman Empire is a third person, class based, multiplayer shooter set in Otterspace. Assemble your team of otters and go to war in The Otterman Empire! 



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