The retro gaming community is thriving, and part of the reason is that the ever-expanding YouTube scene is shining a light on some childhood classics. So we're bringing along some of our favourites to PLAY Expo Manchester!

We will be running a fun interactive YouTuber Panel on our streaming stage where we will be joined by The Top Hat Gaming Man, Kim Justice, Slopes Game Room, and Octav1us Kitten! The guys are inviting you all to bring your weirdest and wackiest retro possessions and they will review, critique and ponder over them live on stage! The more bizarre the better!

One of our new for 2019 features will be SLOPE'S GAME SHOW hosted by Dan Ibbertson aka Slopes Games Room! The visual based game show will be based on everything retro and featuring popular YouTube personalities from around the world on the big screen with plenty of prizes to be won! Schedules will be released soon! 

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Top Hat Gaming Man - 


The Top Hat Gaming Man is a Gaming YouTuber who covers over 40 years of gaming history on his channel. He has produced a number of indepth documentary style videos on a number of different gaming platforms including consoles which have never seen releases.
The Top Hat Gaming Man has used his showmanship gained from over a decade of Pro Wrestling experience and combined it with his knowledge of gaming, procured from a life time of collecting. Together he has used this skill set to produce one of the fastest growing YouTube channels within the retro gaming community.
You can find him over on Youtube and on Twitter!

Kim Justice -

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Kim Justice is an alleged content creator on YouTube (her words, not ours!) she mostly makes long documentaries on video game companies and shorter reviews of retro games with a focus on the Amiga, ZX Spectrum, and Sega Mega Drive.
She is also a writer for both Retro Gamer and Retronauts!
You can find all her content over at:

Slopes Game Room - 

RE PlayLondon2018 YouTubeSlopes 1040x585

Historic Documentary Style Videos... About Video Games! Daniel Ibbertson AKA DJ Slope from Slopes Game Room aims to bring you the complete history on your gaming past, your nostalgia is safe with him!
You can find all his content at:

Octav1us Kitten - 

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Octav1us is a gaming YouTuber who concentrates mostly on retro games - especially ones that are notoriously bad; she is also a charity streamer, having raised upwards of £2000 for mental health charities so far, and is herself an advocate for mental health awareness among gamers. She is also a co-host on the Digitiser Show!
You can find her over on Youtube and on Twitter!


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